Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Gravity’s Rainbow” by Thomas Pynchon.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Happy New Year, 2017! (Yes, I do realize that the Gregorian Calendar New Year was on January 1st and the Lunar New Year was on January 28th — and today is February 1st.) What are Your words for this new year? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“She may know a little, may think of herself, face and body, as ‘pretty’… but he could never tell her all the rest, how many other living things, birds, nights smelling of grass and rain, sunlit moments of simple peace, also gather in what she is to him.”

This is God’s reminder to me. I spend a lot of time and energy reminding God how much I am learning and growing, and how much I love God, eternally. It is a blessing of a new year to receive a reminder from God that my callings of Faith, Prophecy, Intercessory Prayer, “The Biggest Audience”, this medium of expression (Prayer to Passage) — and so many other callings I have already received — exist for many other living things, past, present, and future. Remember, linear time exists to us on earth, yet what I am contributing at this time on earth has even contributed to what we know as the past. And excitingly, to the future!

I especially think of “The Biggest Audience” calling to inspire brave healers of the earth to arrive (spirits in Heaven reborn as infants on earth). And my “A Clean Earth” invention idea to clean out all of the earth’s landfills and ocean’s unnatural islands of waste. As time is not linear in Heaven, “The Biggest Audience” calling may call forth healing spirits to have been born in our past. That amazes me! To think that a Spiritual calling of a human in one century could positively impact a previous century before I was even born. That sounds like a Convoluted Universe — and I apologize to the late Dolores Cannon for having not read her book of the same title, so I am uncertain of how closely my wonderment of my life positively impacting all of human history relates to what Dolores Cannon wrote about in “The Convoluted Universe”. Now I really want to read that book.

(I will post a YouTube video below as insight to Dolores Cannon and her work as a visionary and pioneer of metaphysics expansion in the area of research and study. I have written about her prior to today’s post. You can type her name in the search bar below to find other posts where she is mentioned. Also, I highly recommend that you type “The Biggest Audience” in the search bar, as I do often make mention of this calling from God.)


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