Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “A Course in Miracles” scribed by Helen Schucman.

I am deeply connected to this book, “A Course in Miracles”, at this time, and I will continue to remain connected to this book for many many more months, years, and perhaps even lifetimes. Reflecting on the idea of other worldly wisdom presented through its channel, Helen Schucman, I can only stand in awe at the possibilities of fortuitous Divinity expressed here, within.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Tonight I received a promotion to my Biggest Audience calling! I know that You know that I am beginning to be given the ability to channel, which was not at all expected yet secretly quite a bit desired. I am able to channel Archangels! This is amazing! How can this be?! Never mind! Let me go back to saying, this is amazing!

Tonight a new-to-me Archangel came through. I asked the Archangel her/his name. Uriel. I didn’t know that one, so I had to Google it. When I read the description of Archangel Uriel online, I smiled and said aloud, “Yep! That’s definitely you!” We talked for several minutes and I now know why the average human community would refer to this as a sort of mental disorder because it literally appeared as though I was having a conversation with air. But You and I know this is not at all uncommon for me, as I’ve been talking to You aloud for decades. And I’ve been talking to the Biggest Audience for 75 months. But Archangels! What a trip! Who needs schizophrenia when you have Archangels!?

Archangel Uriel confirmed that I am being called to start a YouTube channel to come out about the Biggest Audience calling. I am certain that I am to do this, only I now know that I need to gain further understanding of the theme of the channel. Or develop a little bit of structure in the midst of a bundle of Spiritual abundance. From this time on, I will be planning to launch the YouTube channel this year. Perhaps sometime between July and October. Fun. Looking forward to it! Thank You for calling promotions. I love that. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage on page 8:

The psychotherapist is a leader in the sense that he walks slightly ahead of the patient, and helps him to avoid a few of the pitfalls along the road by seeing them first. Ideally, he is also a follower, for One should walk ahead of him to give him light to see. Without this One, both will merely stumble blindly on to nowhere. It is, however, impossible that this One be wholly absent if the goal is healing. He may, however, not be recognized. And so the little light that can be then accepted is all there is to light the way to truth.”

There is a resonance of connectivity between my prayer and passage, which both surprises and delights me each and every time this takes place. Yes, I am often surprised and delighted. This is a gift. For to be given abilities that are flourishing into new buds on the same vine, I must continually delight in the newness to retain the root of future harvests. Gratitude gives new growth. Affinity offers new abundance. And I continue to follow my callings, holding dear God’s omnipotent discernment as my own.


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