Today’s Prayer to Passage will be drawn from the book “A Course in Miracles” scribed by Helen Schucman. This month, January 2017, is my miracle inquiry into “A Course in Miracles”. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing what opens up for me… and for you!

Today I pray, “Dear God, As a Minnesotan writer, I look to other Minnesota writers for inspiration. I look to writers and artists of all kinds. And I slowly remember that I am my own inspiration, as I am bigger than I often realize and recall. What is to be said of this bigness I so often overlook? When will I own it as mine? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage on page 316:

“It is through us that peace will come. Join me in the idea of peace, for in ideas minds can communicate. If You would give yourself as your Father gives His self, You will learn to understand Selfhood. And therein is love’s meaning understood. But remember that understanding is of the mind, and only of the mind. Knowledge is therefore of the mind, and its conditions are in the mind with it. If you were not an idea, and nothing but an idea, you could not be in full communication with all that ever was. Yet as long as you prefer to be something else, or would attempt to be nothing else and something else together, you will not remember the language of communication which you know perfectly.”

I join Minnesota writers on my own Divine journey. My ideas are born within me as delivered Communication from God. I know that I am on the right path. I know that I am following the direction I am meant to follow. I honor my Self in this, in these ideas. And I am the Communication.

Minnesota writers:

Charles Shultz is the DAILY.
Garrison Keillor is the STORYTELLER.
F. Scott Fitzgerald is the ROMANTIC.
Sinclair Lewis is the VISIONARY.
Prince is the STAR.
Bob Dylan is the HERO.

And I AM the daily storyteller; the romantic visionary; the star hero.
The All and the Everlasting. The promise, the hope, and the future. Amen.


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