Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism” by Chögyam Trungpa.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Today is my 39th baptism anniversary. Pretty exciting! That was said with a bit of a sarcastic inflection. Because I like baptism, yet I’m not celebrating my anniversary anymore than I celebrate my birthday or Christmas. Every day is a celebration. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

Q: Why do you think people are so protective of their egos? Why is it so hard to let go of one’s ego?
A: People are afraid of the emptiness of space, or the absence of company, the absence of a shadow. It could be a terrifying experience to have no one to relate to, nothing to relate with. The idea of it can be extremely frightening, though not the real experience. It is generally a fear of space, a fear that we will not be able to anchor ourselves to any solid ground, that we will lose our identity as a fixed and solid and definite thing. This could be very threatening.”

Ummm…. yeah!?! Of course we become attached to ego. This is what… we… do. I once heard someone define ego in a simple illustration: It is the knowing there is someone to hold the door open for, and the choosing to hold the door or to not. Like, if we consistently experience ourselves as our Higher Self, ego is still at play. We are choosing to rise above it. It is the contrast that gives us the choice. And it is in the experience of the choice that we garner the lessons. Every day is a celebration. Every person is a celebration. Every aspect of life is a celebration. Why? Because we belong. We are here. And we have choice.


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