Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman.

Today I pray, “Dear God, There is a resonating of joy from childhood coming through today. Everything that I am bringing into my life is of joy, and I am doing an amazing job. More joy is now coming into my life. I am on the right path, and I am being honest with myself — and in how I live my life. I am living life the way I truly want to live it. And I am so delighted with the woman I have become. I truly love myself. Thank You for this. Amen. ”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“Everyone tells you what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find your own answers. They want you to believe theirs.”

This is most easily recognized in religion. This might be one reason why I don’t follow any one religion. Since Jesus (“Yeshua” in Hebrew pronunciation of His name) came to me in Spirit, my experience is what matters. My relationship with spiritual experience makes a personal difference for me. My faith in God is my faith in God. Not anyone else’s. And other individual’s faiths are not mine. We are free to choose our faith. Often, faith is born of our personal experiences. Often, faith is chosen of our free will.

And at times, faith is chosen for us; it is forced upon us until we agree to believe it. This continues to happen. And it is most often experienced in religion. I consider myself a Christian due to my own personal experiences with Yeshua. I pray because a pattern of a reason to pray has encouraged my faith. Even when I have only faith in my prayers, I have confidence through my personal experiences and accounts.

No one gave these to me or forced these upon me. They are mine. There exists no religion in this. And I am gentle and peaceful and loving in this. Jesus is reflected in what feels authentic. And authenticity is Christian.

And Buddhist. And Hindu. And Muslim. And Native American reverence. And all sorts of recognizable points of view. Yet none that ultimately define me. I am my relationship with God.


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