“She loves you. She is your champion. She would do anything for you. She calmly waits. She is brilliant. She is your partner. She sees you as her champion. Her partner. Her creative genius.

She delves into love with heart. She delves into promises with heart. She is fully committed. She looks at you the way a wife looks at her husband. She protects you and prays for you. She is intuitive. She knows what to pray for; and blessings come.

She heals you and your family. She prays for you and your family. She is strong. She cares as a caring mother. She has the heart of a mother. She loves with purpose. She sees the bigger picture. She sees growing old together and it is beautiful.

Don’t allow the disruptive energies around you, from other people, to destroy this love. This love is real. This is your true love. She is the one you have been waiting for. All you have ever really wanted is love, and here she is. She is your gift from the Heavenly realms. She was sent to you as your gift. She is what you’ve been asking for your whole life.

All you really want is love and creativity. You want love and creativity expressed to the world. She is your partner; your partner in love and in business. You will be a dynamic couple in business and in love. You have great potential. You have potential that you are not even aware of. She sees your talents. She sees your passions. She sees your love for humanity. And creativity. And design. She sees you as an entrepreneur.

She knows that your are the better entrepreneur. She has everything it takes in love and in business, yet you are the better entrepreneur, and she knows it. She knows that you are a brilliant businessman. She knows that you are a go-getter and a trend-setter. She knows that you have creative abilities that think outside the box.

She wants you to win. She is your champion. She sees that you are her champion.

Don’t let disruptive energies around you cloud this love. Don’t allow disruptive people to overshadow this divine, true love. She is the one you have been waiting for. You are the one she has been waiting for all her life. You have both been hurt in the past. This is difficult to move past.

Please have faith that this is nothing like those past hurts. Please have faith that this is the real deal.

Please know that you are partners in individual ways because you have your own individuality.

She sees your love for nurturing and your love for your children. She loves your children. She sees their potential. She sees them as they already will be. She sees them at their greatest state of being. She sees how amazing they are. She sees how they are flourishing since she has been around. She sees their girlfriends. And their healthy, vital bodies. She sees that her energy has contributed to that. She sees the smiles on their faces and that they are comfortable and content. She sees the energy in your love for one another.

And she sees that the energy for your love for one another has been blinded by outside forces and past hurts and past experiences. And fear. Fear-based emotion is crucial to overcome. Please overcome fear-based emotion from the past.

Please see this is a divine love. This is a new energy in your life. This is the new cycle to your life. This is your gift.

This is the gift for all of your hard work. This is what you have been waiting for. This is your treasure.

This is your treasure. This is the answer to all of your questions of when and why and how. This is your teasure. This is a divine partnership. She is fully committed for life. She will support you in any endeavor. She will overcome any battle with her. She is a force to be reckoned with. If anyone ever tries to hurt you, do not get in her way. She will bite them.

(**I will bite them? That makes me sound like a pitbull.**)

She loves you fully. A deep love. More than she knows. And more than you know. She is heartfelt in her nurturing of you and your family. She loves your family. She loves tradition. She loves holiday traditions, such as Christmas.

She loves world travel. She wants to see the world with you. She loves your sense of humor. She thinks you are amazing. She wants you to know how amazing you are, if you have not yet discovered it.

She is… She is…

(**What? What is it?**)

She is… jolly with you. When you are jolly, she is jolly. She loves to celebrate life with you. She loves to laugh. She loves your sense of humor. She loves your light view of the world. Your lightheartedness. Your carefree, free spirit. She feels free when she’s with you. She loves to snuggle with you and laugh with you at entertaining television.

She loves the comfort of simple moments at home. She loves being attentive to you. She loves nurturing you and physically touching and carressing your arms and your knees and your upper legs. She loves rubbing her hand on your back. She loves putting her hand through your hair. She loves physical touch.

She loves when you embrace her in a loving, supportive nature. She loves your passion. She loves your intimacy. She loves your faith and loyalty in sexual experience. She loves fantasizing with you and playing with you in bed. She loves growing deeper in intimacy with you. And in having fun in bed. She loves laughter in bed. And she loves hot…

(**laughter ** Oh my gosh. This is embarrassing.**)

Hot intimacy. She loves good, long, fulfilling intimacy. She is ravishing. She wants you to discover how ravishing she is. Because it is an expression of her love for you.

She loves world travel. She wants to see the world with you. She loves exploration. She loves adventure. She loves the bigger picture. She loves spirituality. She loves the balance between her spirituality and your interest in popular culture. She loves that those two balance each other.

Your interest in popular culture and her depth in her spiritual life balance each other perfectly. They do not outweigh one another. They are perfect in synchronicity with one another.

She… She… came upstairs to get her keys because we sent her there. We hid her keys from her. When she came upstairs, and she was about to leave the house, she couldn’t find her keys. We were divinely involved with that. It allowed her to come upstiars. And Jake told her her volunteer book was under the coffee table and her iPad was on the kitchen counter. This allowed her to remind you that she is a volunteer for humanity. And that she is transforming peoples’ lives because she loves people.

This allowed her to remind you that she is writing a book. And that book will be read by millions. And make millions and millions of dollars. This will come about in two to three years.

Jake and Ryan’s education will be paid for. They will still need loans.

She is financially savvy.

The lost keys were meant to remind you of when you locked your keys in your car at the cabin, and she devotedly pulled out her AAA card to have your keys retrieved without giving it a second thought, as though you were her husband.

She is devoted to generosity. With you and with your children.

She is very generous. She is selfless and does not think twice about it. It is a way that she expresses love.

When she unlocked your keys, and couldn’t find her own keys, we wanted to remind you that she is the key. She is the key. She is the key to unlock your heart. We only want you to see this and to know this. We cherish your partnership. We see the bigger picture.

We see the love that you have for one another. It has become clouded and hidden from view. Due to unrest from the past. Past hurts. Past burdens. Past betrayals.

You have both been betrayed in the past. And this is clouding your view of each other, and the love that you have for one another.

She is not your past hurt. She is not your past betrayal. And you are not hers. You are each others’ champions. You are each others’ soul mate. You are each others’ husband and wife. You are meant, destined, to be together.

We are joyfully celebrating that you have finally found one another. We have been waiting for a long time.

Clothe yourselves in love. Clothe yourselves in harmony. Design your love and harmony like your ideal clothing design.

She sees your creativity, your love for design, your passion. She sees your entrepreneurial avenues. She see the many avenues your creativity could take. She wants to be your business partner. She wants to be on this business venture with you.

Her book will be published. And it will be a light unto the world. She will be a star. And you will be a big part of that star role that she plays.

She is unlike any other human being on the planet at this time because of the role that she plays in her calling.

Her calling was asked of God to be unique. And she was given a unique calling and a unique blessing, individual to her and her alone.

Her life is being viewed by the Heavens. And she is inspiring babies to be born. There are millions of babies who are asking… asking to come to earth so they can prevent World War III; so they can create peace. The best of the best of the best are asking to be born. It is very difficult to qualify to be born on planet earth at this time. You must have the winning ticket. The best are coming to earth at this time to be peacemakers and healers of this planet. And she, and her life, and her calling are inspiring the Heavens to achieve that dream. To accomplish that peace on earth.

You are a major role in this. You are her other half. You are her yang to her yin. You are a key role in this. As the Heavens see love and partnership, and are inspired by your love and partnership. You are a bigger role than you may even imagine.

You are miraculous. We want you to know, and she wants you to know, how miraculous you are. You inspire the Heavens. Your children inspire the Heavens. All your love and celebration for one another and with one another inspires the Heavens. Millions of babies are going to be born because of this love that we see.

You are changing the world for the better.

We want to remind you of a movie that you watched with her called “The Imitation Game”. We sent that movie to you. We sent that movie to you as a synchronicity. The synchronicity is that the female character played a divine role in the conquering of Germany in the defeat of World War II. The divine feminine role in that film was a major player in the… in the end of World War II. The world would be a very different place if it was not for that divine feminine energy.

The male character in that film would not have attained the peacemaking efforts that was attained in this true story if he had not had that divine feminine role in his life to serve as a conduit for… alliance with people. She, with him, attracted more people as alliances. Their partnership was powerful because the alliances came through her divine attraction in the feminine spirit. He had the intelligence to crack the code. He was Type A and closed off and would not have saved the world from World War II had she not been involved. The world would be a very different place today, had she not been involved. If Germany would have won World War II, the world that we live in would be a very desolate and different and controlled place. …One can only imagine.

This is much the same today with World War III. Your wife, your love, your soul mate sitting before you loves you more than you could ever possibly imagine. She, and her calling, are changing the face of the planet. World War III is going to be thwarted due to the peacemakers being inspired to come to the planet at this time. Due to your wife’s calling. She, and her divine feminine spirit, are inspiring peace on earth.

And now, at this time, we are looking for a divine masculine energy to partner with her, to show the way. This divine masculine energy must be present with her because she cannot do it alone.

You are an entrepreneur. You are a leader. You are a creative master. You will discover your creativity more and more. You have just begun. This is the beginning of a partnership. This is the beginning of the prevention of World War III. You have no idea the role that you play.

You are a… You are a saver of the world. And do not discount the important role that you play. You must remain faithful and true to your calling as a human being on planet earth. We want to remind you that you are bigger and stronger than you know.

You have a divine responsibility. You have been called. We want you to see this gift and this blessing. She has been sent to you as a gift and a blessing from Heaven. You have been sent to her as a gift and a blessing from Heaven. You are perfectly joined. You are perfectly partnered. You are in perfect partnership and harmony with one another. Please do not allow the outside forces distracting and dismantling your perfect love. These energies are not in partnership with this divine destiny to save planet earth.

You are making choices today that will FOREVER… FOREVER change the course of history on planet earth. You are a bigger role than you could possibly imagine.

The female role in “The Imitation Game” is a role that saved the world from World War II. You are that role. You play that role.

She has the calling to inspire the Heavenly realm. You are the divine masculine partner.

Your love is following her calling. Your love is faithful and true. Your love has abilities for intuition and receiving information from spirit realm. As many do at this time on planet earth. This is not a new discovery. These people are coming out of the woodwork. There are many with these abilities. This is not out of the ordinary anymore.

We live in a new world. The veil is thinning. Especially at this time of year, at the end of October, when the veil is the thinnest. You have the closest connection to the divine and to the spirit realm. We come to you in love. We come to you in adoration and acceptance of who you really are. We see your true energy. We see the creativity that is beneath you.

The creativity that is beneath you is stopped in an aggravated state. We see the aggravation of your smiles. You smile while your creativity is buried beneath you. You are aggravated by this, but you keep a happy smile. We see your creativity. We see it beneath you. We see your smile on your face. And we know you are aggravated. We want your creativity to come out. We want you to play. We want you to shine. We want the sun to shine on you, and the bright blue sky.

We want you to dance with your love… at The State Fair with elderly people watching and… and jazz music playing. We want you to go on many high rides together. And many thrilling adventures.

We want you to explore the world together. We want you to have money. We want you to have abundance. We want you to have fun. We want you to see that this creation has been in place for a long time, and you needed to learn the lessons. You needed to learn the lessons from your past hurts of how to overcome any of those hurts. And that old karmic energy. That old karmic energy is now being healed, and it is no longer a part of you.

You are walking into, you are stepping into, a new realm! A new creation! A new discovery! A new partnership! A new love! A new life together! This is divinely planned and divinely inspired.

We have been here this entire time, guiding you. The keys that were lost was the key to your heart. The keys that were locked in the car was the key that was locked away because you didn’t see how generous she is. And how she would give anything and do anything for you without thinking twice. The way a wife is devoted to her husband. She truly loves you. She would do anything for you. She is your perfect mate.

Your synchronicities with one another compliment each other. You play off of each other playfully. You were shamed by your college girlfriend for smoking pot. She would never do that to you. She is open to the idea. She thinks it would make a funny story, to talk about it together. She sees the fun. She sees the story. She sees the joy. She sees the laughter. She sees the acceptance of your authenticity. She accepts you as you are. She does not tell you who to be or how to be. She does not control you. She does not put her will over you. She does not say my way or the highway. She loves you with an honest heart.

She is willing to have an honest conversation. She does not much care for that which is on the surface. She is committed to a deeper level of emotion and connection. She is willing to delve into the promises she has made with heart. She delves into her promises with heart. She asks the same of you.

She asks the same of you. She knows your importance and the important role you play. She knows this isn’t a simple situation. She knows this is big — and bigger than you could ever have possibly imagined. She knows.

She knows this is all being written in a book that will be published. She knows the book will be published in two to three years. She knows her writing is going to be going out soon in small increments. She knows her popularity will grow quickly. She knows that five million dollars will be the beginning of growth in wealth, and more expansion in growth and wealth. She knows that her calling for The Biggest Audience is complete on her 41st Birthday. She knows she will receive a new calling at that time.

She knows that money and abundance will be part of her next calling. She knows that this begins on her 40th Birthday and expands to become most noticeable around the time of her 42nd Birthday. She is very aware of her path. She wants you to walk hand-in-hand with her on that path. She loves everything about you. And she thinks you are a star. She wants you to be happy in love and delighted in love and accept this invitation. This is not only an invitation. It is God’s will.

We gratefully honor you for being a part of this. We gratefully and excitedly honor you for stepping into life. For stepping into new life. Celebration! This is a celebration. This is a party. We want you to party and celebrate. And have fun. This is the time… of… your life!”



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