Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “She: A History of Adventure” by H. Rider Haggard.

Today I pray, “Dear God, How ‘big’ is The Biggest Audience? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“…this I say to all of thy seed who come after thee, till at last a brave man be found among them who shall bathe in the fire and sit in the Place of the Pharaohs. I speak of those things, that though they be past belief, yet I have known, and I lie not.” “May the Lord forgive her for that,” groaned Job, who had been listening to this marvelous composition with his mouth open.”

I do not pretend to live as though I have not been given an immense blessing. I do not pretend to be fool-hearted in my acceptance of this blessing. I know that God was attentive to my asking God to use me in a way that is unique. To use my life in a way that is bigger than even I can imagine. And this is what God did. Ask and it is given.

All who come to earth are choosing to arrive here as part of a mission. It is of great importance that they are coming here at this time. And I asked, in a once unknowing way, to be a facilitator in this; I asked to be God’s Partner. And God said “You may.” Those who fear and worry, fear and worry. There is no wrongdoing in this, only expansion, Love, and connection to Source, to God.

I am in love with every child being born, with all children, and with all humans. The children are most special to me because they reflect an answer to my prayer. This is as big as I can imagine, and I know The Biggest Audience is a calling and a mission bigger than I can even imagine. And this is delightful to me.


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