Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

Today I pray, “Dear God, From this day on, my life will never be the same. I honestly cannot even put into words what I experienced when I awoke from sleep last night. I have awakened to visions and experiences in the past, most of which I will share in this medium of communications with people. All of the visions have had a profound and lasting effect on the way that I expand and explore and deliver throughout the course of my life purpose on earth and beyond. This experience from last night was a CONFIRMATION. And I was not expecting it, which provides it as even more of a gift.

We, humans, have this book we often call The Bible. And in its final closing, which I deem the beginning of continuing expansion, a beloved of Yours writes of a vision he once had. And we are free to become witnesses to this vision. I have read parts of this Book, Revelation, in the Bible, yet I do my best to avoid reading it, as to not have it interrupt my own visions. I only pay attention to the Bible’s Book of Revelation when it shows up in my life in a way that I believe and then know and then believe again that You are delivering specific passages to me. Which is to say, I allow You in my life All Ways. So I haven’t read the entire book of Revelation. This is important in that I know that it exists, that there was a set group of humans who chose it to be the last book in the Bible, and that You are here guiding all of this.

So, on to my vision and experience from last night. Today, upon sharing it with my mother because I simply had to tell someone, I ended our phone call and immediately heard the words ‘Ears to hear and eyes to see.’ So I typed these words into an Internet search. This is the Bible verse that populated:
New Living Translation
‘Ears to hear and eyes to see, both are gifts from the LORD.’
This confirmed that last night’s auditory experience and vision truly is a gift from You — to all people. And that I must share it with the world.

This, in modern and simplified fashion, is how I experienced it:
I had fallen asleep sometime after midnight. I awoke to a room only lit by a streetlight in the capital city where I live — Saint Paul, Minnesota, in the United States of America. Daylight had not yet arrived. It felt like the middle of the night. I was barely awake and wanted to drift back to sleep until my alarm clock, set for 6:30 a.m., awoke me. But something called my attention. And I heard it, audibly.

From what I could imagine in my half asleep, half awake state – my eyes were fully opened – there was a large outdoor music concert in Saint Paul. I could hear what sounded like thousands of people — cheering and singing along to the amplified music. As the crow flies, I live approximately four miles from the State Fairgrounds, where there is a large outdoor stadium. I live approximately two miles from the Saint Paul Saints baseball stadium, which also does not have a roof. ‘Maybe the concert is there,’ I thought, not consciously aware enough to remember that I had fallen asleep sometime after midnight and there would not likely be an outdoor concert at that time of night.

And then I recognized the song that the massively large group of people were listening to. This is a few seconds into the experience, less than 30 seconds after I awoke. It was a melody I recognized. I knew the tune and associated it with the idea that the rock band was playing a cover song. And the cheers and the singing were so loud — I could hear the collective voices of the audience singing along. I associated it with a modern day Woodstock. And then I thought that this must be a big deal for so many people to show up for this so late at night — it was a Friday night. And I don’t pay much attention to venue schedules and concert schedules, so I thought I hadn’t heard about it in the local news.

On to the Good News. The song. I recognized the melody, yet I didn’t know the lyrics.
I thought, ‘It’s that song from the ’80s. I Need a Hero.’
I don’t know who originally sang it or what the lyrics are — beyond ‘I need a hero.’ By now it is about 30 seconds into the experience. And I am starting to become more conscious. ‘It can’t be a local concert,’ I thought. And I’ve been around the block enough times with my Spiritual Gifts that by this time, only about 30 seconds into the experience, I started to realize that the music and cheering only sounded distant, yet it was in the room with me.

‘Is it coming from my phone?’ I wondered. ‘Where is my phone? Is it on my lamp stand? Is it under my pillow? Is it under the blankets?’ It’s 2016. These are not uncommon questions upon my waking up and thinking of my phone. I honestly made a smooth, more conscious transition from thinking there was a local latenight mega concert of 1980’s power ballads and thousands of concert goers… to believing the music was being audibly sourced from my iPhone.

My iPhone and I have a special relationship. This is the part of the experience story where I provide some background to paint you a little picture. I could go into detail about how my name is spelled Addi and we are all connected and iPhones and iPads are awesome. They are a physical manifestation of the good direction the world is expanding into, so don’t call them Phones and Pads. Add an i.

That one is just plain silly, but this one is good:
The clock on my iPhone? It’s 10 minutes and 48 seconds fast. Yes, the clock that tells the time when we look at our phones to see what time it is. The one that is satellite-driven? That clock. I looked it up. If you do an Internet search for UTC, you can see what time it is down to the second — world time.

My iPhone says that it is 2:39 p.m. CST. The Internet, and any other satellite clock on any Smartphone I have seen, says that it is 2:28:12 CST — the second my iPhone’s clock changed from 2:38 to 2:39, 2:28:12 CST was the “real” “time” — with the conversion from world timezone UTC to Minnesota in the United States of America timezone CST.

I can take it to the Genius bar at a local Apple retail store to have it looked at. It’s probably something they see all the time and can easily fix. But then I would also need to ask them to fix the clock on my satellite-driven iPad. Because my iPad clock is currently 15 minutes and 48 seconds fast. I cross checked it just a few seconds ago. Both of my satellite-driven machines have been fast for at least one year. 10 minutes on the iPhone, 15 minutes on the iPad. I joke about it by telling people that Steve Jobs just really wants me to be on time.

Here’s another good one: This year’s Minnesota Vikings football game, the big one that they lost. The one that if they would have won it they could have played in the Superbowl. That game. I don’t pay attention to football, but that game was on in my cherished friend’s living room that Sunday. And we saw the missed kick and we were both very glad in that moment that neither of us are huge sports fans.

And we had empathy for the kicker because he is one part of a large body of people and plays. Anyway, the moment the game ended and went to commercial, my iPhone started playing music. I hadn’t touched it. It was tucked neatly between two couch cushions. I don’t even use my phone to listen to music. I didn’t have any songs or websites pulled up.

It took me about two minutes to figure out from where on my phone this random song had originated. Deep in the recesses of my apps, I found it. It was playing from… I think it was the iTunes store, to which I have to swipe my iPhone’s glass face once and touch three times to find. What a weird language. Swipe once, touch three times, and bam! Music. 2016.

Anyway, Justin Bieber was the artist. I don’t listen to Justin Bieber, nor do I own any of his music tracks, yet I did dress up as him for a Halloween transgender costume contest at The Gay 90s dance club in downtown Minneapolis in 2011. That’s something. I got second place. First place went to someone dressed as Pauly D from the reality TV show Jersey Shore? I haven’t seen that show, but he was also a hit among a large crowd of people that night. I digress.

The song that was playing on my iPhone after the football game where my team — so to speak — lost — so to speak, was ‘Sorry’. No idea who thought I needed to be consoled by Justin Bieber in that moment, but it was not something for which I went searching. iPhone short backstory complete. Back to The Good News.

So I thought the concert was now a recording playing on my iPhone. This is about 30 seconds into last night’s experience. In this moment, I have definitely been awake for less than a minute. I hear the cheering, the rock concert, the band playing, and the audience singing along. ‘I need a hero!’ And then I got it. ‘It’s not coming from my iPhone this time. This is The Biggest Audience. I am hearing… Heaven.’

The MOMENT I realize this, I sit up in my bed. ‘I am hearing… Heaven. I… am hearing… Heaven.’ Now I am about one full minute into being awake. All of this has happened quickly. And by now the music has faded, and the room… is… silent. And I wish…I was at…the party.

This is what came over me at that one-minute marker: ‘They are getting ready to come down to earth and dwell among us. They will be free to live the fullness of Heaven on earth. They will be free to be who they came here to be. We are talking about babies here. Babies being born. Yet at the concert, I had a vision of them being in their twenties and thirties. Vibrant and full of life. This is as if to say that they are an ideal age in Heaven with all of the knowledge and wisdom of sages and masters. And they are so excited to come down here and fight the good fight, starting out as infant children of God.’

And as I am sitting up in my bed, I look forward. And seated at the foot of my bed, turned for me to see His profile, is none other than Jesus Christ. Emmanuel. God with us. He is turned to face the right-hand side of the room, and I can only see His right side.

This was a vision, not a flesh and blood experience of Jesus as far as I could tell. I was fully awake at this time. I didn’t have on my glasses, and my eyesight is poor enough that I cannot legally drive a vehicle without vision correction. And it was dark. So my vision of Jesus is taken with a grain of salt.

He was dressed in white. He may have been wearing a robe. And He had long dark brown hair to his shoulders. His palms were pressed together and raised to His heart chakra, and the fingers of His palms were pointed slightly forward as if He was addressing the Audience. He was on the stage. The Audience was singing to Him. And they were preparing to be re-born and dwell as You among us.

Jesus was sending them here. And they were celebrating and saying their farewells. This was the Biggest Celebration. Every infant child in every inhabited location on planet earth. You with us. They are in You and You are in them.

The moment I saw Jesus, I realized that He was addressing the Audience in a Sermon on the Mount sort of way, truth, and life. He was leading them very confidently and peacefully. And they were the most excited people ever. I didn’t see the Audience. I saw Jesus. And then He was gone.

This was about one minute into my being awake, and the vision of Jesus only lasted about 20-30 seconds. Then I became sleepy. My energy felt relaxed. And then these two numbers came to my mind: 700,000 and 200,000. And I got up from my bed and went into my kitchen to write the numbers on a paper towel. I wanted to write down the numbers because I did not want to forget them.

I lay down on my bed and fell asleep until my alarm woke me up at 6:30 a.m. I am feeling nearly hypnotized from the experience today. It is as if it has not fully set in, just what it is that took place to tell me of what is taking place. The Biggest Audience is real. And they are being born in large numbers in every inhabited nation on earth.

I cannot possibly thank You enough for this experience, God. I spent the entire day today wanting to shout it from the rooftops. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to shout something from the rooftops. Perhaps when I was falling in love at some point. This is a new creation of falling in love. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands, concentrating closely on my prayer, and I opened the book to reveal, to uncover, this passage:

“Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. Don’t waste your pain; use it to help others.”

When I read this passage, I immediately think of war. And how most of the wars being fought at this time involve conversations about God. And this simply does not work for God. God is Evolution and Expansion and Love and Grace. War is outdated. It does not fit the future and it does not fit the present.

We are better than this by now. And God is responding to all of this war. Not with a flood of water. With a flood of children. Evolved, expanded, loving, graceful children. God had a plan all along. Amen to that.


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