Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book ‘Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal’ by Pamela Oslie.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Snow is falling in Minnesota, which reminds me that every snowflake is completely unique. They sparkle their glorious prisms of light into our lives, refreshing our spirits with forward movement into a new season. People also being unique prisms of light, we are evolving toward an array of possibility. What is your colorful reminder today?”

I held the closed book in my hands, concentrating on my prayer, and opened the book to this passage on page 244:

“A Violet is here to help save the planet and change it for the better. A Yellow is a natural healer and is here to lighten up and bring joy to the planet. Together, these two can be an inspirational, creative team who can reach audiences through such mediums as film, art, and music, or they can travel the world, touching the masses together as healers. In power, they are a dynamic team.”

This passage was especially delightful for me to read, as my aura is a Violet-Yellow combination. I perked up when I saw it. This encourages me to carry on toward changing the planet for the better. I am thankful for my colorful arrival, and inspired to continue on with joy and healing. May you explore the colorful light you bring to the world, letting your light shine for all of us to see. And may we all appreciate and enjoy our colorful arrays of contribution and brilliant distinction.


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