Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book ‘Traveling Light’ by Max Lucado.

I pray, “Dear God, How do we travel light when life is weighing us down?”

Following my prayer, I held the book in my hands and opened it to page 108 to reveal this:

“Here’s what I mean. Suppose you borrow a friend’s car. His radio doesn’t work, but his CD player does. You rummage through his collection, looking for your style of music—let’s say, country-western. But you find nothing. He has nothing but his style of music—let’s say, classical.
It’s a long trip. And you can talk to yourself for only so long. So eventually you reach for a CD. You’d prefer some steel guitar, but you’re stuck with soaring tenors. Initially, it’s tolerable. At least it fills the air. But eventually it’s enjoyable. Your heart picks up the pattern of the kettle drums, your head rolls with the cellos, and you even catch yourself attempting a little Italian aria. ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad.’
Now, let me ask you, would you have made this discovery on your own? No. What led to it? What caused you to hear music you’ve never heard before? Simple. You had no other choice, no other option. You had nowhere else to go. Finally, when the silence was too loud, you took a chance on a song you’d never heard.
Oh, how God wants you to hear his music.
He has a rhythm that will race your heart and lyrics that will stir your tears. You want to journey to the stars? He can take you there. You want to lie down in peace? His music can soothe your soul.
But first, he’s got to get rid of that country-western stuff. (Forgive me, Nashville. Only an example.)
And so he begins tossing the CDs. A friend turns away. The job goes bad. Your spouse doesn’t understand. The church is dull. One by one he removes the options until all you have left is God.”


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