Today’s Prayer to Passage comes from the book ‘Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest’ by Wayne Muller

And I pray, “Dear God, How do we restore our sacred rhythm of rest?”

After my prayer, I opened the book to page 198 to find this passage:

“Confession—it is said—is good for the soul. Before Mass, Catholics practice confession, a ritual cleansing before receiving the gift of communion. Not to receive punishment or even absolution, but rather to speak what must be brought out from darkness, if we are to receive the light.

Before Sabbath time, choose a quiet place. Come to rest. Allow the heart and mind to speak of things that need to be spoken aloud, if only to the candle on the altar. Say aloud those things for which you feel a need for forgiveness, ways in which you were not clear, honest, or kind. If you feel comfortable, you can share this with another—a priest, minister, or rabbi, a therapist, a friend, a stranger. Notice how much of your grasping during the week is to make these things go away. Notice how they dissolve so much more easily when they are simply spoken aloud.”


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