Today’s Prayer to Passage is from the book ‘Don’t Count the Candles — Just Keep the Fire Lit’ by Joan Rivers. Joan brought laughter and jovial lightness to life, and for that, I’d like to impart something from her today.

My prayer for today is, “Dear God, How do I start to have more fun and trust that integrity can reside within the good times? I love watching how people choose happiness. I have the freedom to choose felicity due to playfulness that I have inherited from scenes observed and cultivated. How do I apply what I have learned for more and more merriment?”

Following my prayer, I opened the book in my hand to this very fun passage:

“Keep moving. It’s hard for old age to hit a moving target.”

I totally agree. It is amazing how on days when I am busier — moving about, doing life — I start to notice… “Hey, this is fun!” This week I am going to start my own get moving campaign (for myself). I am making a list of ten things that I wouldn’t typically do during a given work week. I will do each of these ten out-of-the-box actions in seven days. Fun!

This will jump start me toward going out of my way to have and do simple things that bring an added quality of excitement to a day. I have a friend who is a natural at making what could be a regular day… into a day with purpose. Together, we do life…fun. And to be honest, in just six months I have banked more sparkly memories than in the past three years. And these fun times were not outrageous; they were simple. The noticeable difference was the attitude surrounding the idea of what’s available to do.

The only rules and laws that need to be broken during an adventurous take on everyday life are our own. Break rules of being boring; do the tourist-guide version of events and moments. What would the Travel Channel film if they were following you around for the day? Break rules of complaining; dissipate the complaint by applying that attitude of making a day fun. Break rules of being a jerk. Let’s be real, it is no fun being upset and crabby, and we know the jerks are carrying that icky aura around and impacting others who then have to clean up after them.

It’s time for me to create life done fun. I am ready! Today, I vow to do at least one thing on my get moving list. Soon, with practice, this will become a way of being. Not only is laughter a life lengthener, an hour of joy seems much fuller than an hour of a curmudgeonly difficult regular, or even regular regular. Playfulness does not expire, and any age can have high spirits, even on a down-to-earth day.


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