Author Simone Weil once wrote, “The work of art which I do not make, none other will ever make.”

In a way, I feel some level of responsibility to press forward with my writing. The opportunity to present that which I have gained as an offering to the world is something I cherish. Of course, within my promise lives promising hope. I now hold myself accountable for the commitment that has been set to originate creative thought every day. I have given my word. And when I cannot keep my word to write with eloquence and a dash of wit, I must then honor my word by admitting that which I avoid at all costs: “I’m all out of words today.”

Obliged art really isn’t my thing. Self-expression is one of the most freeing pleasures of being human. Possibility begets a priceless outcome, and a blank canvas is simply the very beginning of one’s masterpiece. To hone in on that talent (whatever it may be) day after day is not, and should not be, demanded or even expected of us. What I have come to learn is that my self-expression transforms with me. The art that I make reflects the very originality of my individuality.

I started this blog with the heart of one who must share. Not because I am forced, rather, because no one else has my story. And the depth and focus of my Prayer to Passage practice started to consume me. I began to lose myself in all of it. Sharing my relationship with God took a sharp turn from being deeply sacred and enticing to eventually stale and predictable. And I know, given the miracles set forth by God in my life, that stale and predictable are not even slightly on God’s radar.

So if I need to ask where to look to find why every day doesn’t always feel like a miracle, the mirror staring back at me answers my question…every time. God isn’t waiting for me to create miracles, God is waiting for me to acknowledge miracles. There is nothing so small in life that it can’t be regarded as a novella dying to be born on today’s blank pages. If I care enough to provide my time and energy to the needs of everyone around me, how can I not care to equally and readily express myself? Why is everyone and everything else being put first? I was born equal and ready.

Today’s Prayer to Passage will be jumping out at me from the lovely and delectable daybook ‘Simple Abundance’ by Sarah Ban Breathnach. This book reads like home economics for the most self-respecting of women. The cover is pink and the content is power.

And I pray, “Dear Creator God, Thank You for reminding me, in the words of Walt Whitman, ‘That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.’ Creativity is the I AM we have here on earth. Our self-expression is Your beacon. There is no way that I will allow that to be hindered. Life is short. And I came here to play.”

Following my prayer, I opened the book to discover God’s response.
August 25:

“I seem to wish to have some importance in the play of time…. What is deep, as love is deep, I’ll have Deeply. What is good, as love is good, I’ll have well. Then if time and space have any purpose, I shall belong to it.”

“…No matter how brilliant we are, a life in the performing arts is not always possible. But a life enhanced by the performing arts is. We don’t have to join Actors’ Equity to explore the world of theatre, dance or opera as a passionate, personal pursuit. Either side of the footlights can illuminate your path toward authenticity. As the English poet Francis Bacon reminds us, in life’s theater only God and the angels are permitted to be onlookers.”


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