Today’s Prayer to Passage revisits the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

And I pray, “Dear God, speak to me of balance. Thank You for Your Love. Amen.”

I concentrated on this prayer and opened the book to page 312:

“I’m not sure what I want. I do know that there’s a part of me which has always wanted to hear a man say, ‘Let me take care of you forever,’ and I have never heard it spoken before. Over the last few years, I’d given up looking for that person, I learned how to say this heartening sentence to myself, especially in times of fear. But to hear it from someone else now, from someone who is speaking sincerely…
What will happen with us?
Why am I worrying about this, by the way?
What have I not yet learned about the futility of worry?
So after a while, I stopped thinking about all this and just held him while he slept. I am falling in love with this man. Then I fell asleep beside him and had two memorable dreams.
Both were about my Guru. In the first dream, my Guru informed me that she was closing down her Ashrams and that she would no longer be speaking, teaching, or publishing books. She gave her students one final speech, in which she said, ‘You’ve had more than enough teachings. You have been given everything you need in order to be free. It’s time for you to go out in the world and live a happy life.’
The second dream was even more confirming. I was eating in a terrific restaurant in New York City with Felipe. We were having a wonderful meal of lamb chops and artichokes and fine wine and were talking and laughing happily. I looked across the room and saw Swamiji, my Guru’s master, deceased since 1982. But he was alive that night, right there in a snazzy New York restaurant. He was eating dinner with a group of friends and they also seemed to be having a merry time of it. Our eyes met across the room and Swamiji smiled at me and raised his wineglass in a toast. And then—quite distinctly—this small Indian Guru who had spoken precious little English during his lifetime mouthed this one word to me across the distance:

OK. So I couldn’t even finish typing this passage without taking a moment to bow my head and weep in contented peace. There have been little conversations going on all day today. Days, weeks, months, years have led to today’s Dear-Abbyesque seeking of answers. And because some things are better left unblogged, I’ll save the details for the extraordinary man.

I will say this. I was not expecting this passage as an answer to my prayer. Yet, all day long I’ve been talking to God about this very topic, enjoying love. This is the balance God wants me to have. I’ve had more than enough teachings. I’ve been given everything I need to know in order to be free. It’s time for me to go out in the world and live a happy life.


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