Today’s Prayer to Passage is from the book Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal by Pamala Oslie. Life Colors is an excellent opportunity for readers to take an assessment (172 yes-no questions) to determine the current color of their auras. There is a description (7-15 pages) of each aura color, including combination colors, totaling 23 aura characterizations. If you are at all curious, I am a Yellow/Violet combination.

My prayer today is, “God, How do I continue to communicate effectively without tailoring my writing to win favor of more conservative opinions?” I opened the book to page 49, amid an explanation of Magenta auras’ unique personalities.

The passage reads,

“Magentas learn best when they are allowed to be creative with their assignments. They are very bright — bright enough to conceive innovative ideas and approaches to assignments. Their unusual way of thinking originates from a sense of the absurd, not from anger or rebellion. They are not malicious. Perhaps the educational system will discover that all children do not learn through the same processes and the system will be readjusted to include meeting the needs of Magenta children. (Again, Magentas and Yellow/Violet combinations are easily mistaken for each other. Violet children seem to have grand visions for their lives and wisdom beyond their years; Magentas are basically unusual nonconformists who love to see the world from bizarre perspectives.)”

This was the answer that I needed. I was reminded that not all writers are alike, as not all readers are alike. And I have made the conscious choice to walk the path of least resistance, which is toward my own fully self-expressed authenticity. It would not behoove me to resist my own self. “What you resist persists.” So, I would show up sooner or later anyway. Why delay my own arrival?

If I have learned one thing on my own in adulthood, it has been that there is a distinct differentiation between propriety and dignity. And when afforded an option, I choose dignity. Sometimes it is classy. Sometimes, a bit sassy. Frankly, my dear, this is what I have come to know.

Creativity is a walrus. I don’t know what that means. I just now created it. And it was fun. All four members of the famed British rock group The Beatles; John, Paul, George, and Ringo, have (or had) Yellow/Violet auras. Artist Andy Warhol had a Magenta aura. Campbell’s Soup, anyone? Speaking of Campbell’s, let’s get to the topic at hand.

“Follow your bliss.” This might be the most famous quote by mythologist, writer, and professor Joseph Campbell. Campbell explained that when one is in alignment with one’s conscious being as an expression of bliss, this is the beginning of transcendence. And when one follows one’s bliss, the mind, body, and soul are being and doing what the mind, body, and soul desire to be and do. When one follows one’s bliss, the mind, body, and soul are essentially making the most of time on earth.

Campbell once stated in an interview, “You study the techniques. You study all the rules. And the rules are put upon you by a teacher. Then there comes a time of using the rules; not being used by them.”

Ask yourself, What would my life look like if I followed my bliss? Maybe you are already doing so. If you are, you have entered a world that brings to you a level of happiness and joy unmatched by other options. Bliss is different to each person. We cannot say that one person’s bliss is better than another’s. If a woman travels to Ethiopia to work with children with HIV/AIDS because that is her bliss, I bow to her for her choice. If a man climbs Mount Everest because that is his bliss, I bow to him for his choice. Your bliss might not be quite as ambitious as these examples. Yours is your yours, no one else’s. Choose authentically. And do not feel the need to explain your choice. You choose your bliss because you choose your bliss.

How do I recognize my bliss if I am uncertain of what it is? The choice will feel easy. It will light you up. When you begin to live your life in alignment with how you desire to feel, that very direction will expand. Feeling good will expand. Possibility will expand. Opportunities will expand. People and experiences will begin to show up, and your life will unfold into something that was only recognized in your dreams, not yet in your reality.

And forget the details. Focus on how you feel. Do not worry about how you are going to get there. Simply know that you are going in the right direction. When you feel empowered, pay attention to this. Who are your supporters during this time? Keep them around. Who are your detractors? Remove yourself from their hindering affects. Those who are hoping to separate you from your bliss (even if they themselves are unaware of it) are not invited to share your experiences or your retelling of your experiences.

You have the power to grant whether or not you will consider the opinions of others. They do not have that power. It is only yours. Eleanor Roosevelt said it so eloquently, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Your true being is your true being. Life was never meant to be a struggle.

“We’re having experiences all the time, which may, on occasion, render some sense of this; of a little intuition of where your joy is. Grab it. No one can tell you what it’s going to be. You’ve got to learn to recognize your own depths.”
—Joseph Campbell


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